Saturday, January 8, 2011

Payments for children aged 18 and over!

Child Benefit was discontinued for children aged 18 from January 2010 (regardless of whether they are in education or not). In 2010 parents dependent on social welfare payments got a special compensatory payment of €15 per week for dependent children aged 18.

This compensatory payment will no longer be paid in 2011. This means that when your second son turns 18 you will no longer get Child Benefit nor a compensatory payment for him. However you continue to be entitled to an increase for a qualified child with your social welfare payment for any children in full-time education (until they are 22). This remains at €29.80 per week in 2011.

You should also remember that when your 15-year old turns 16 in 2011, you will need to confirm that he is still in full-time education to ensure that Child Benefit continues to be paid. You should fill in a Child Benefit form (CB2) one month before his 16th birthday.

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